work of art -“כי תישא”

“Note that I have called the name of Bezalel ben Uri ben Hur, of the staff of Judah, and I shall appoint him, the spirit of Elokim, with wisdom and

‘ונהפוך הוא’

This week it’s Purim time!!!   And this year, in honor of the happiest holiday of the year, I decided to go out of my regular routine – where I spend

The importance of clothing -“תצוה”

T’zaveh is a Parsha devoted to only one subject – that of the Kohein Hagadol’s and his sons’ vestments. How ironic!  In the Torah every word and every letter is

“בא”- How to succeed

In this week’s Parsha, ”Bo”,  Moshe is commanded to approach Pharaoh and ask that he release the People of Israel from slavery in Egypt.  Pharaoh refuses, and so Moshe returns

“וארא” – Have no fear

  G-d spoke to Moses and said to him, ”I am Hashem.  I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob as Kel Shakkai, but with My Name Hashem I

My accessories for the day- a plant

  Derss: Golf /  Shoes: Corocs&more Photo: Liat Ankonina 054-8400687

Flatters me

So here we are after the Holidays! I personally love getting back into daily routine. For me every day is a celebration! Like my new look from “Flatter”. I found everything

Combining cultures

Holidays!  And more holidays.  And then Shabbat and holidays and Shabbat again.  And here comes my very favorite — Succot! This special Holiday demands we leave our comfort zone and