Passover holiday of new biginnings

In past years I wrote you posts all about ”what I’ll wear for the holiday” or ”connecting a look with the holiday”.  This year I want to share with you

Tu B’Av not only Valentine’s Day

”There were no days as pleasurable for Israel as Fifteen (Tu) in Av and Yom HaKippurim.”  Today’s post is all about love ♥  After a full week of berating ourselves


      Parshat ”Massei” closes the volume of ”Bamidbar” (Numbers), fourth of the ”Five Books of Moses”.  So right at the outset, Moshe Rabbeinu presents a list of all

Industrial Espionage פרשת ‘שלח’-

  ”Shlach” is the Parsha story about the spies.  In it, a group of important personages were sent to spy out the Land, the better to conquer it.  After scouting

Shavuot, fashion in white

Have you ever thought about why we wear white on The Shavuot Holiday? On the three ”Regalim” holidays (Pesach, Succot and Shavuot), there is a ”halachah” to be joyful.  How


    השבת פרשת השבוע היא ‘בחוקותי’ וזו הפרשה האחרונה בחומש ויקרא. בפרשה זו ה’ מבטיח לעם ישראל הרבה ברכות: שלום, ניצחון על האויבים, השגחה אלוקית והצלחה כלכלית. כל אלו

my best Israeli place

Yom Ha’atzmaut has arrived and with it my weekly post, dedicated, according to the Hebrew calendar, to this Independence Day. An Independence post could have been totally banal; by going

‘שירת מרים’- To rip conventiouns

A happy and kosher Pesach, all my Loves! This week, I hope you don’t mind, I’ll take a break from looking for inspiration in the Week’s Parshah, and look instead

The Right to keep the tongue-“מצורע”

Parshah follows Parshah.  Tazriah and Metzorah are often read together as one and are called ” Tazriah Metzorah”.  However this is a leap year and so the Parshas are separated;

tzara’at and colors- “תזריע”

Parshat Tazriah details the subject of “tzara’at affliction” whichcomes to those who speak evilly,who  slander.  There actually aredifferent levels of affliction given to one who slanders.  First, ison the body,

Trial period- “שמיני”

Parshat Shemini begins with Moshe calling together Aharon and his sonsto give them permission to formally start their duties in the Mishkan.This occurs on the eighth day after Moshe has

Efffort and confidence- “פקודי”

”When the cloud was raised up from upon the Tabernacle, the Children of Israel would embark on all their journeys.  If the cloud did not rise up, they would not