My name’s Tzippy, a 21-year-old observant Jew.  Like many religious and Ultra-Orthodox girls my age, I’m interested in fashion and styling.  I love the ”now” look, invested and beautiful.


This love became my profession, which in turn led to this site.  My site, as you see it, allows you to learn about modest fashion, to understand style concepts and to understand a bit of me and my world…

And part of my world is the Torah Portion of the week.  Between photo shoots for this launch, I find myself sitting and reading the incredible verses of the Weekly Portion.  I see the verses  bringing order to my days and teaching me how to manage.  And inevitably, like everything else, I see their connection to fashion 🙂  Would you like to read how?  You’re invited to enter my site, to surf and enjoy!


This way, every week you and I can enjoy the special blend of our Weekly Portion and fashion, thinking and styling.  We can include anyone like you and me, who love fashion as well as thinking, learning as well as innovation….

Have fun!