Tu B’Av not only Valentine’s Day

”There were no days as pleasurable for Israel as Fifteen (Tu) in Av and Yom HaKippurim.”

 Today’s post is all about love ♥

 After a full week of berating ourselves over baseless hatred, the time has come for a little love ...






Parshat ”Massei” closes the volume of ”Bamidbar” (Numbers), fourth of the ”Five Books of Moses”.  So right at the outset, Moshe Rabbeinu presents a list of all the last forty years’ encampments of the Children of Israel.  From ...


Industrial Espionage פרשת ‘שלח’-


”Shlach” is the Parsha story about the spies.  In it, a group of important personages were sent to spy out the Land, the better to conquer it.  After scouting the Land,  they reported having seen ...


Shavuot, fashion in white

Have you ever thought about why we wear white on The Shavuot Holiday?

On the three ”Regalim” holidays (Pesach, Succot and Shavuot), there is a ”halachah” to be joyful.  How exactly is this done?

Children celebrate this joy with ...